Cooper DuBois Portland

Cooper DuBois Portland, Oregon’s well-known owner and co-founder of Truly Social Games, believes that personal success should be rewarded before new goals are established.

About Cooper DuBois Portland

Cooper DuBois Portland has extensive experience in the fields of design, marketing, operations, and business development in the highly competitive market of online gaming. Currently, the CEO and Co-founder of Truly Social Games, Cooper DuBois of Portland, is known for his excellence in executive abilities as well as his innovative and creative design work. However, he did not start his career as the owner of a successful company but instead worked his way up through the ranks after attending San Francisco State University. It was the beginning of his career that helped shape his dreams of founding his own company and gave him the courage to gather all the necessary experience to make that dream come true.

Cooper Dubois Portland

Cooper DuBois Portland attended San Francisco State University from 1993 until 1997. He chose to center his studies on Art, Conceptual Design, and Information Arts with a long-time interest in computer programming and gaming at heart. At this time, he began to lay the foundation for what was to become a long and notable career in the gaming industry. After college, Cooper Dubois started his career as a Team Lead, engineer, and designer for Championship Auto Racing Teams(CART). In 1998 he began working for Quokka and stayed with this company for the next three years. His responsibilities included covering various live sports events, including motorcycle racing, sailing, mountain climbing but mainly Championship Auto Racing Teams(CART). He was also responsible for maintaining the appearance and fidelity of various websites and their content.


Portland, Oregon’s largest city, is considered by many to be the most scenic city on the west coast of America. Portland sits comfortably on both the Willamette and Columbia rivers and boasts of a perfect view of snow-capped Mount Hood year around. Known for its many bicycle paths, parks, and bridges, Portland is also home to various coffeehouses, microbreweries, and unique dining establishments. Portland is a city that strives for eco-awareness while offering thriving music, art, and theater scenes as well as other cultural offerings such as the Oregon Zoo and Washington Park’s formal Japanese Garden.

Portland, Oregon's largest city

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Idle Surfing Number 1 in Brazil

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO of Truly Social Games, is proud to announce that the Idle Surfing mobile app is now number one in Brazil.

Idle Surfing App offers a fun and beautiful way to spend time in the waters. It allows you to start surf school, build a reputation, and attract riders. Not to mention, you can track your performance across different devices and enjoy the best tricks. The app requires IOS 9.0 for iPhone and macOS 11 for MAC.

Key features

Idle Surfing teaches riders on super wave, making your school popular, teaching surfers cool tricks, and opening new schools across the planet.


Cooper DuBois Portland CEO explains the game allows for player interaction.

Once you reach a certain level, you can pour all your resources. For players who want to complete tasks, you can collect your daily achievements if you’re patient. As you progress with the game, you built rapport with other players and balance activities. For this game, it’s hard to erase the sense of subtle sleaziness. So, the next time you feel like you want to relax after a long day, you should consider this game.

 Idle Surfing Number 1 in Brazil

Idle Surfing for Android

To have a smooth gaming experience, you should learn how to use APk (android package kit) file once it’s downloaded on a device. Keep in mind that the APC files are similar to .exe for windows. The android operating system uses the package file format for the installation of mobile apps.

First, you should download the Idle Surfing APk app on your mobile device. You should make sure the third-party app is enabled at the installation source. Make sure you go to the menu and check the unknown sources. This means that your phone can install apps other than those from Google Play Store.


There’s also an option that allows the file manager or browser to install APCs the first time. The third step is to locate the file you just downloaded. You’ll quickly find the files on your android device. And once you locate the file, be sure to click on the normal installation process. Make sure you read all the screen prompts, and you can now enjoy the game.

Just like .exe windows files, apk is safe as long as you download the file from trusted sites. The current version for the Idle Surfing app is 0.4.5, and the file size is 112MB. It’s compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 and Android P 9.0 or later.

Idle Surfing is an addictive game, and players can’t get enough – it’s the perfect game on a road trip. And it’s a game where a player can pull up when working around the house or watching TV shows with friends. If you’re looking for something to kill your idle hours or an immersive gaming experience, you can’t go wrong with the Idle Surfing app.

APK file icon

About Truly Social Games

Truly social games were created in 2015 by veteran gamers (Patrick Tougas and Cooper DuBois). They acquired the Vancouver studio in 2018 and focused on creating engaging mobile games with an eye on social interactions.

The team makes delightful games for all ages. Whether you need a game for a couple of hours or a few minutes, you’ll get it here. The team also collaborates with the player community for real-world results. And all games are truly social – it’s about connecting with others. The players are also part of the game creation process.

The games are built with inclusion in mind, so everyone feels like part of the family. Through social conversations, the team listens to get to know the players and share behind-the-scene stories. Truly social games use 42 technologies that include iPhone, Viewport Meta, and SPF.

How it all started

Cooper DuBois and Patrick Tougas spent their summer hunting for gold in Mexican Haciendas and then returned to Portland. The team wanted to replicate the experiences of the masses in the form of a game. And this is where the Truly Social Game was born.

The duo teamed up with other individuals and opened a studio in Belarus. Patrick and Cooper Dubois of Portland had spent creating casino titles and violent games and were ready for a conscious change.

Truly Social Games are eying the future of gaming with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Vancouver is also home to mountain vistas and a world-class ocean. With the power of the everyday device, AR allows you to share your experience with friends worldwide. Everything about Truly Social Games is interactive and addictive.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Game Apps

With the massive growth in social networking, it’s no surprise mobile gaming is growing faster than ever. By 2024, the industry is expected to reach $99 billion. And that’s why developers are designing games with features that boost user engagement.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold enthusiast has shared with fans that Leaf Mobile is ready to acquire Truly Social Games. The top Canadian mobile group has offices in Portland, Minsk, Oregon, Belarus, and Vancouver. Over the years, the company has earned the reputation of building social games that engage players.

Truly Social Games (TSG) is always on the lookout for user reviews, and its goal is to create strategies to improve the gaming experience. Cooper DuBois and his long-term associate (Patrick Tougas) are excited about their work and put the best foot forward to bring new games. Some of the games that have gained global recognition include casino-style slot machine games, Bomb Brawl, and idle surfing. And this explains why Leaf Mobile Inc. showed interest in their games.

What is LEAF Mobile Inc.?

It’s a free-to-play mobile gaming group that creates engaging mobile games. They offer a compelling portfolio of games that appeal to players.

Leaf Group has two game studios in Nanaimo, B.C., and 2 Game Studios in Vancouver. The studio’s culture is based on execution and creativity. Some of the games in their portfolio are The Goldbergs, Archer: Danger Phone, and The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s.

Game App by Cooper DuBois Portland

About the acquisition

The acquisition process will last approximately 42 months before TSG truly becomes the subsidiary of Leaf Mobile Inc. According to the group CEO, this decision is in line with an aggressive M.A. strategy. The team is also determined to expand the footprint to new geographies and any genre to strengthen the portfolio.

Currently, LEAF Mobile Inc. has a market capitalization of $263 million.

Cooper DuBois Portland Ceo What are the Best Augmented Reality Glasses

Cooper DuBois Portland Ceo of Truly Social Games explains the best Augmented Reality glasses to purchase.
Augmented reality is quickly gaining traction in the technology world. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are developing hardware to capture the interest of users. And with AR headsets, people can describe the world around them. But, according to Cooper DuBois Portland, CEO, you need an incredible piece of hardware to achieve that. So this brings us to the question, what are the best-augmented reality glasses?

Raptor AR headset

The Eyesight Raptor allows for a host of connectivity options including, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, ANT+, and GLONASS. In addition, it features a high-end front camera that comes with a long-lasting battery. And to suit your preferences, the device is offered in two color options – stealth black and electric green.

Eyesight Raptor has a featherweight design and weighs 98 grams. It’s comfortable to wear on long rides, thanks to the adjustable arc bridge. While the Raptor may seem more significant than the traditional glasses, they feel secure and offer no problem with fogging.

To control the Raptor, you swipe your finger or tap to make a selection. If you’re riding a bike, you can operate with your hands on handlebars. And once you get connected, you won’t lose the signal.

The Raptor comes with robust sensors and a heart rate monitor. It also pairs well with other devices, so you get plenty of scopes to match your existing kit.

Another fantastic feature is the heads-up display. It uses an OLED-based projector system that gives a viewing distance of 12 feet. And once you put on the glasses, you’ll be prompted to adjust the screen. The projection is of high quality and gives better visibility. Keep in mind Eyesight Raptor comes with speakers that allow you to hear the surroundings safely.

Raptor AR headset

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ThirdEye Generation

Image credit:

ThirdEye Generation

These are quality sunglasses that offer cutting-edge computing capability. In addition, it boasts of increased bandwidth and low latency of 5G connectivity.

At 9.8 ounces, ThirdEye Generation boosts the comfort of wearing glasses. It also allows users to enjoy more freedom and comfort.

These AR glasses offer a 42-degree view, two grayscale cameras, ambient light, an accelerometer, and a 3-axis gyroscope. But what makes these glasses one of a kind is the unique management platform. The user can control and manage sensitive information.

ThirdEye creates an improved connected workforce – a valuable solution in every industry. Other perks offered by the device include 3D tracking, 42 degrees field of view, and compatibility with AR and VR devices. And the batteries can live up to 8 hours.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

This device is specifically designed for performance, mobility, and collaboration. Unlike the original model, Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is lightweight and dust-resistant. In addition, it comes with a sturdy frame that can tackle a variety of environments including, construction sites.

While this model is not striking in terms of appearance, the trade-off is performance improvements.

Enterprise Edition Two is built on the Qualcomm XRI platform and offers more processing power than the original model. In addition, it features 32GB memory, RGB display, and USB port with broader functionality. And because the device is voice-controlled, you can work on the front line without affecting productivity. It also allows for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

Google Cooper DuBois Portland talks about Glass Enterprise Edition 2

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Cooper DuBois Portland Ceo Let's dive right in!

Magic Leap One

While modern smartphones offer a primitive version of reality, Magic Leap One has a more ambitious goal. This lightweight gear is studded with inside eye-tracking cameras to map your environment.

Magic Leap One is guaranteed to work in every environment thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas. In addition, the lens offers a 4:3 aspect ratio, 50 degrees field of view, and 1300 pixels per eye.

When we look at the performance, we can be sure Magic Leap One performs better than comparable models. You get 8GB RAM and 128GB storage (only 95GB is free).

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EPSON Moverio BT-300

This is the new kid on the block that goes big on augmented reality. Epson Moverio comes with a brilliant spectacle and an improved weight form factor. In addition, it’s equipped with an OLED display that projects an image in front of the eyes.

Just like other high-end models, the BT-300 features an Intel Atom X5 processor. This means the AR glasses can recognize objects better to make AR realistic.

Epson glasses are also pretty comfortable – they are lightweight compared to the outgoing model. And the battery can run for up to 6 hours.

Epson AR glasses offer 23 degrees field of view, a 5MP camera, and a dedicated controller. In addition, this model comes with five types of sensors, perfect for users with bird’s eye views. And because the display is relative to the eyes, the lens shows virtual reality on the user’s eyes.

EPSON Moverio BT-300
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Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft HoloLens 2 offers a tantalizing glimpse of the future, thanks to the fantastic technology. While it may sound insanely expensive, the trade-off is an incredible performance. The back of the device projects images and increases the field of view.

This device understands the surroundings using the 1MP time of flight sensor. You can also see cheaper headsets like infra-red cameras.

Anyone who has used a headset before knows it’s bulky and heavy. However, since the device weighs in at 566 grams, it competes well with Oculus Quest 1.

With Microsoft Microsoft HoloLens 2, you get magic in front of your eyes. It offers 52 degrees of rotation and a refresh rate of 120Hz. That’s why the device is popular for enterprises like remote collaboration, assembly lines, and remote training lines. Other features that boost performance include 64GB storage and 4GB RAM.

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Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 headsets are ridiculously cheap and don’t compromise performance. Unlike smartphones that ship with a charger, this device comes complete. You won’t see floating accessories at home.

The Quest features a new Qualcomm Snapdragon operating system and comes with 6GB RAM for smooth performance. You also get Oculus Touch Controllers that allow you to transport your movement to the VR – each comes with two AA batteries (not rechargeable).

Just like other Oculus models, the Quest 2 allows for hand recognition. You can turn your palm to place the cursor where you expect. To adjust the headset, you can remove the smooth underside and put it back on.

If you’re looking for an AR headset that offers the perfect balance between hardware and features, you can’t go wrong with Oculus Quest 2. Even with the link cable and upgraded strap, you get the best value for money, say’s Cooper DuBois Portland Ceo of Truly Social Games

When choosing the best AR glasses, you should consider the application, battery life, and field of view.

Oculus Quest 2 glasses

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Cooper DuBois Portland What is Oculus Go, and how does it work.

Cooper DuBois Portland, CEO of Truly Social Games, explains the VR sensation Oculus Go.
Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset that connects to a computer or console. It doesn’t need a smartphone but offers an immersive experience as a tethered headset. Besides, the comfortable design makes it the best introductory headset for those looking for a VR without spending a fortune. So, what is Oculus Go, and how does it work?

What is Oculus Go? Let’s dive right in!



Oculus Go features a plastic gray face mask that bears a logo at the top. The front features a power button, and you get an indicator light. On the left side, there’s a micro-USB port for charging. But you’re only limited to 32 or 64GB of internal storage. While this device may have the same buttons as other Gear VRs, it gives a solid feeling to the user.

The parts that get into contact with the face are covered with fabric foam, and that’s what makes it better than comparable headsets. Since it pulls out of the visor, you can insert a rubber spacer underneath. If you use glasses, you can buy a prescription lens and use them on the device.

This headset has a three-point headband that connects to the sides of the visor. The straps stay in place with loop fasteners, but they are not easy to adjust. Compared to the Mirage Solo, the Oculus Go is lighter and comfortable to wear.

Unlike other VR devices, Oculus Go features a split-back design.



It’s an LCD, so you don’t expect a wider gamut like OLED displays. Oculus Go has a refresh rate of 60-72Hz – lower than what you get in Mirage Solo.

Underneath, you’ll find Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. It’s faster than a smartphone and a worthwhile compromise compared to the predecessor.

Looking at the audio, this device comes with a unique sound system. There’s also a set of speakers that project the sound in the ears when you wear the headset. Surprisingly, you don’t have to rely on the speaker if you need privacy.



Oculus Go has a more advanced VR library and dedicated apps for browsing 360-degree content. When you integrate the device with the Madefire app, you can read comic books in VR. Indeed, there are lots of things to poke on this headset.

However, there’s a limitation to this device. The games are not as sophisticated as those you find on tethered headsets. Oculus offers a visual take on games like the tense puzzle, Settlers of Catan, the horror dungeon crawler dread halls and Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes.

For more substantive games, you can enjoy playing the stealth Puzzler terminal and dead secret circle.

Oculus Go improves your VR gear in a big way – you don’t need a high-resolution smartphone to use it. And this makes it a convenient headset for android and smartphone devices. Being a full-body VR, players are immersed in repetitive mobile games, including puzzles.

Oculus Go believes that gaming is not all about the headset. You can explore the oculus rooms and invite friends to hang out.

You can also take advantage of the Oculus venue to watch concerts, stand-up comedy, and live shows.





Cooper DuBois Portland, CEO of Truly Social Games, explains the VR sensation Oculus Go.



Battery Life

Oculus VR makes watching videos fun and easy. And with the 3-hour battery life, you can sit back and watch a virtual theater screen. On the downside, the battery takes longer to recharge. The manufacturer recommends that you avoid using it when recharging, but this is a standard for most electronics.


How does it work?

To use Oculus Go VR, you need a companion Android or IOS app. Since the device connects to wireless networks independently, you can adjust the headset or the app settings.

After the initial setup, you should go through the settings to ensure everything goes the way you want. You can also add a gamepad to play all your favorite games.

And there are a ton of things you can do with this device. To explore Oculus Go to its full potential, you should visit the play store and unlock the apps. Don’t forget to check the multiplayer settings and invite friends.

Oculus has done a fantastic job when it comes to privacy. The jack is perfect for any 3.5mm headphones.

Wrap up

In a nutshell, Oculus Go has made improvements on the gear to make VR content easier to access. It doesn’t require any specific phone and won’t drain the battery fast. Whether you’re new to VR or just an avid user, you can’t go wrong with Oculus Go.
Cooper DuBois Portland is always on the lookout for the newest gaming experiences. He is also an avid racer checkout Cooper DuBois Portland Racing

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Newest Augmented Reality Games for 2021

We can’t dispute the fact that augmented reality has gotten inseparable from the gaming world. While it may seem like a modern idea, this technology has been around for many years. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Let’s look at some of the newest augmented reality games for 2021.


Cooper DuBois Portland Top Choices for Augmented Reality Games 2021

Ingress Prime

Niantic developed this game for IOS and Android devices. It utilizes your ability to win – you pick a side and dominate the match. Then, you ought to pick over control fields and strategize your teammates to win. Your goal is to turn the real world into an alternative universe.

To increase your odds of success, you should investigate the climate around your area. In addition to that, you must keep tabs on authentic structures, landmarks, and more.

Ingress Prime

Niantic developed this game for IOS and Android devices. It utilizes your ability to win – you pick a side and dominate the match. Then, you ought to pick over control fields and strategize your teammates to win. Your goal is to turn the real world into an alternative universe.

To increase your odds of success, you should investigate the climate around your area. In addition to that, you must keep tabs on authentic structures, landmarks, and more.

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive

This AR game takes you back to prehistoric times – you appreciate modern-day civilizations. Once you install the app, you’ll come across dinosaurs, mammoths, and every other aspect of the Jurassic world.

What makes the game stand out among the competition is the well-crafted graphics. Be ready to take an extraordinary adventure event.

Knightfall AR

Milkroom Entertainment designed Knightfall AR. The player assumes the role of a warrior to defend Ace. It would help if you acted like a targeting system so you could fire at enemy units. You can also push warriors back and reinforce defenses to earn gold. Throughout the game, you can be sure of an action-packed experience.

But the best part of the game is that it allows you to choose characters and hold the attackers long enough. There’s also a separate game mode to upgrade enemy defenses. Even better, you can select the animations and share them on social media.

In photo mode, you can unlock characters and collect facts about various soldiers.

Zombie Run

Zombie Run takes you on an epic adventure, where the player pursues a series of missions. It’s designed for those who like a morning jog. The player assumes the role of a runner. He wears the shoes and puts on the headphone. But after a few yards, you can hear the sound of zombies. The only thing you can do is run.

This game was created by Naomi Alderman, who is on a mission to put you at the center of an adventure. The most exciting feature about this game is that it works everywhere. You can run along the beach, Jog in the park, or run on a treadmill.

In Zombie Run, hundreds of lives depend on you. If you save people, you become a hero – there’s a more profound mystery to be uncovered.

Before you start running, you should custom your playlists. There are also dynamic radio voice recordings and messages. How do you succeed in the game? It would be best if you sped up before the zombies got close.

AR Sports Basketball

This newest augmented reality game for 2021 enables you to shoot the ball in real-time. Some of the best features include an endless game mode in AR, level base game mode, and no image print for AR. You should put your mobile device at 90 degrees and swipe to shoot the ball in a basket for the best results.

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Spirit Camera

This AR game brings the spirit of horror and features some gothic elements. Once the characters appear in a real-world environment, you can kill them with the game’s powers. Spirit camera demands input from the audience and amplifies the spookiness.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This AR game features a story where magical calamity befalls the wizarding world. Your role is to discover the iconic characters from the Harry Porter fanatic beasts.

Players can use cutting-edge AR to go through magical artifacts and create memories. It would be best if you discovered the magic in the neighborhood as authentic and unique. Also, players will have fun wizarding through their favorite locations.

Another critical aspect of the game is fulfilling the magical potential. You’ll learn how to unlock unique rewards and level up your adventures. Once you harness your skills, you can select a magical profession and learn a few skills. You can team up with other witches and wizards if you want to take things a notch higher. When witches and wizards come together, the dark forces don’t stand a chance.

These games are so addictive that you’ll forget all the stress in your life. They are packed with standout features that give AR a shot.

Cooper DuBois is the CEO of Truly Social Games

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO On Most Addictive Mobile Apps for Gaming

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO discusses the most addictive Mobile Apps in gaming.
What is it about addictive games that makes them so addictive? Generally, they are games that do not take long to complete. They do, however, present a task that you desire to overcome. A person might lose themselves in a game for hours without realizing it, between learning the game and attempting to achieve high scores. This list is a little more subjective than others, but some fantastic games here will make you want to play them. These apps will keep you entertained for hours if you’re looking for a way to pass the time on your phone.

Temple Run

Temple Run is an Android and iOS arcade game. You must sprint while avoiding all of the hazards. The ultimate goal is to survive while escaping the Evil Demon Monkey. The game begins with you being driven out of a temple by a band of terrifying shrieking monkey things, and you must then flee for as long as possible. Imagine Usain Bolt as Indiana Jones, and you’ll get a good notion of how the game plays.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner with a lot of personalities. Gather the young lamas of Alto’s monastery for a frantic race down a mountain that will have you grinding along with prayer flags, leaping chasms, and outrunning your elders. Your initial reactions to Alto’s Adventure are likely to be conflicted. You can’t help but notice how lovely it is, with the almost silhouetted appearance of the character and other sprites perfectly complementing the intense colors of the snow-covered mountain and shifting sky.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Top Picks
Candy crush game

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a King match-three puzzle game that becomes more difficult as you progress. With different objectives, clever barriers, and other game-changing aspects, as well as time and mobility constraints, it’s a very engaging adventure. Most mobile devices support it. Candy Crush Saga takes the famous color-matching game to a new level by incorporating a variety of additional game mechanics for a fun and engaging experience.

Plants vs. Zombies

The dead have risen from their graves! Defend your home from various varieties of zombies with a large arsenal of weapons and resource-producing plants. Put up a fight before they burst down your door and eat your brains! Plants vs. Zombies is a game about plants versus zombies. FREE is a free iPhone game from Electronic Arts that falls under ‘Games’ and the subcategory ‘Strategy.’ It’s a popular program in Indonesia, India, and Iraq.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is an action game in which players master the skill of ninja chopping fruit with various swords in various dojos. Halfbrick Studios created it, and in-app purchases are available. Fruit Ninja is a potentially addicting skill game in which you must slice as much fruit as possible.

To use your sword in Fruit Ninja, all you have to do is swipe your finger over the screen. Every piece of fruit that appears at the bottom of the screen must be sliced. You lose a life if you don’t catch a part before it falls off the screen. You will also lose a life if you touch one of the stray explosives that fly up.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real-time online PvP game where players collect cards to enhance spells, improve troops, and build defenses. To defeat other players in battle, you can use a variety of cards. Clash Royale is a multiplayer strategy game based on the popular Supercell game Clash of Clans.

In this action-packed spin-off, enjoy one-on-one combat to defend your fort. If you’ve played Clash of Clans, Royale Clash won’t be too difficult to pick up: protect your fortified cities by using your army to smash opponent units and turrets. From the Barbarian to the Giant, expect to see a lot of familiar Clash of Clans heroes.

Angry Birds Classic

Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish video game developer, has released Angry Birds Classic, a free puzzle video game. In 2009, it was released. Birds are launched at pigs stationed in a goal using a slingshot. In Angry Birds, your goal is to hurl birds at all of the green pigs. This wouldn’t be too difficult if the hogs weren’t holed up inside walled fortresses that you’d have to blast your way into. These strongholds become increasingly impregnable as the levels continue, so Angry Birds takes some lateral thinking as well as a steady aim.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a game that can be played on both Android and iOS smartphones. It’s a basic but addictive game where all you have to do is jump and escape opponents. There are over 100 levels in total. The arcade game Doodle Jump is a classic. It has become one of the most popular vertical platform games on mobile devices since its introduction on iOS.

Doodle Jump was the finest at the simple yet highly addictive gameplay of jumping from platform to level as high as possible. Players must avoid traps, adversaries, and holes in the world that will pull them in and terminate their game while wielding a cannon.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO On Most Addictive Mobile Apps for Gaming (4)